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Attorney September Katje founded Katje Law Group in 2011 in Anaheim, CA. Ms. September Katje started her law practice from scratch and grew it into one of the most reputable firms in the state. She began by practicing only real estate law but eventually expanded into almost every aspect of real estate and estate planning.

Ms. Katje has always prioritized providing the best service possible to each of her clients and treating them like they were part of her family. At Katje Law Group, we’re committed to providing our clients in Anaheim, CA, with virtually unmatched legal services in almost every facet of real estate and estate planning law.

Our decades of experience enable us to know how to get our clients through any legal obstacle they might face. We strive to provide our clients with the best legal 

representation available so that they can be confident that someone is fighting for their rights, so we strive to minimize or eliminate many legal issues you might face. We’ve earned an excellent reputation for delivering intelligent, sensible, and affordable legal solutions for our client’s needs.

Our office is located in Anaheim, California, and serves clients throughout Southern California, including Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and Inland Empire, San Bernardino, San Diego County.

Why Choose Katje Law Group?

At Katje Law Group, we have experience in real estate law, business formation and maintenance, and wills and estate law. We only provide the highest quality legal services at affordable rates. We have specialized experience in these areas of law and represent individuals, families, and businesses in the Anaheim, California, area.

If you need a reputable Real Estate Lawyer, Foreclosure Lawyer, Landlord and Tenant Lawyer, Partition of Real Property Lawyer, Quiet Title Actions lawyer, Business Formation Lawyer, or Business Maintenance Attorney in Anaheim, CA, a consultation with our firm is your next step.

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Our Practice Areas

Wills And Estate Lawyer

Wills And Estate Lawyer

Estate laws are federal and state laws that govern property transfer at death. When someone dies, their estate includes everything they own. It includes their house, car, savings account, pension plan, stock portfolio, personal property, life insurance policies, retirement plans, and other assets.

Choosing how to distribute your assets after you die requires planning. Katje Law Group is an experienced Estate Planning Law Firm with copious experience creating the following:

  • Wills and Codicils to Wills
  • End-of-Life / Estate Planning Documents
  • Probate & Litigation
  • Trusts
  • Naming Heirs, Executors, Beneficiaries, and Guardians
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advanced Health Care Directives
  • Property Designations
  • Comprehensive Disability Planning
  • HIPAA Authorizations
  • Protecting Beneficiaries from Creditors

At Katje Law Group, we know it can be difficult to think about what happens to your friends and family after you die. Very few people truly want to contemplate their mortality. It’s important to get your affairs in place before passing away, so your family doesn’t have to deal with everything while grieving your loss.

To ensure that you get the best legal advice available, it’s vital that you hire an experienced will and estate lawyer. We will enable you to give what you have to whom you want, how you want, and when you want.

Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Lawyer

At Katje Law Group, we specialize in real estate law. We typically seek alternative solutions before filing suit. If mediation fails to provide the best result for our client at a reasonable price point, we will pursue litigation on our client’s behalf.

We help property owners and tenants experiencing litigation issues relating to Real Property Disputes, Foreclosure, Partition, Landlord and Tenant Issues, Property Insurance, Quiet Title, Commercial Development, Lease Disputes, Residential Leasing, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Real Estate, and Real Estate Transactional legal issues.

Business Lawyer

Business Lawyer

The legal and financial consequences of starting or reorganizing a business by yourself can be detrimental to your success as a business owner. As an entrepreneur, there is so much to learn and deal with when owning a business. We understand that you don’t know what you don’t know.

At Katje Law Group, we are Business Law specialists. We help our clients to understand professional liability, personal liability, and asset protection. We assist all business entity types such as Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Professional Association, and each type of Partnership: General, Limited, and Limited Liability.

As a business owner, we know you may have little spare time. We offer our business maintenance clients a select membership for a comprehensive Business Shield Plan. We provide Document Revisions, Review, and Service of Process to be sure business documents are current, properly coordinated, and legally compliant.

Our legal team includes business document experts. If necessary, we can make changes and revisions to your business documents. We also serve as a Registered Agent for Service for our clients and will accept legal notices of a lawsuit and other official documents on behalf of your business.

Depending on your business entity type, you may need help finding the time to create your Meeting Minutes and Periodic Reports, so we can help you by creating these required documents each year. We also assist with Filings with the Secretary of State regarding Ownership Transfer, Logs, Certificates, and Reviews, which are due every two years in California.

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What Makes Attorney September Katje Uniquely Qualified To Represent You?

Ms. Katje earned her Juris Doctorate at California Western School of Law, San Diego, California, graduated Cum Laude and was a Dean’s Honor List recipient. She was also a recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award in Contracts I and Contracts II. Ms. Katje was a member of the Law Review and International Law Journal at California Western School Law, where she was an Associate Editor.

5 Star Reviews
Katje Law Group recently assisted my husband and I with a residential home purchase that was part of a trust with several parties involved. Ms. Katje and her team were competent, responsive and a just pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a Real Estate Attorney.

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