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Understanding Title Searches

  • Published: October 22, 2021
Understanding Title Searches

What Is A Title Search?

Searching for the title on a property is something that people do every day. It is often something that is done by a real estate attorney Anaheim CA to simply gather more information for their client and try to figure out where they stand on legal ground for any kind of action they may want to take in court.

What Is A Property Title?

A property title, as any Anaheim real estate lawyer will tell you, is a legal document that confers ownership of a property to a specific person or entity. It is the document that backs up a person or entity’s claim to that property. Thus, it is a very important document that records ownership and your right to property.  It is important to use an Anaheim CA real estate attorney who can look up said paperwork to see who specifically owns a piece of property, and can also understand the chain of title and explain it to you properly.

What Is A Property Title Search?

When someone wants to know who the owner of a specific property is, they can do a property title search to check the whole system to see who is the confirmed owner of that property. It is helpful to lawyers from the Katje Law Group to do this from time to time when they are working on a case that involves a property dispute. Being knowledgeable about real property records and being able to determine who precisely owns a property and the chain of title is an important skill for the real estate attorneys at Katje Law Group.

What Is Covered And shared? What Is Required To Be Shared?

There is a lot of information that is shared in the public record related to a property. Not only can the viewer see who the owner of that property is, but they can also see if there are any liens, judgments, defaults or other legal issues with the property at this time. This information is great to have because it means that the Orange County title lawyers at Katje Law Group can figure out what steps they need to take next when needing to straighten out any real property dispute.

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