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Attorney Endorsements

"I endorse this lawyer. Excellent in all of her specialties."

– Ryan Streckfus, Real Estate Attorney

"September is a rockstar attorney that has a tremendous heart when it comes to her clients. I recommend this attorney to anyone that is in need of an attorney in any of the areas of law she practices."

- Justin Hodges, Fellow Attorney

"I endorse this lawyer."

- Leslie Reyes, Fellow Attorney

"I endorse this lawyer."

- Brian Nguyen, Landlord Or Tenant Attorney

"I endorse attorney Joy. She is a savvy, sharp lawyer with a clear-cut sense of right and wrong. She is compassionate, yet persevering and diligent. She goes out of her way to help clients in the direst of circumstances, even if they are unable to compensate her adequately. Great attorney!"

- Sarah Condor-Fisher, Commercial Real Estate Attorney

"I endorse this lawyer for debt and lending agreements, elder law, estate planning, foreclosure, personal injury, real estate, and wills & trusts."

- Rex Phillips, Foreclosure Attorney

"I endorse this lawyer for real estate, debt and lending, foreclosure, and consumer protection matters."

- Jeffrey Ogorek, Real Estate Attorney
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