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Quiet Title Actions

Orange County Real Estate Lawyers

Are you trying to Refinance or Sell your house but can’t because of a LIEN recorded against or CLOUD on Title of your Real Property? The Orange County lawyers at Katje Law Group will help you REMOVE the LIEN or CLOUD that is recorded on your title. Having a lien or improper deed recorded on title of your property can severely affect the VALUE of your property! Establish legal ownership of your real property with the help of the attorneys at Katje Law Group.

Understanding A Quiet Title Action In California

In California, anyone can file a lawsuit to prove their ownership to Real Property, and remove any Wrongful Recorded Claims, Liens, Cloud on Title, also Lis Pendens, Fraud Transactions, Wrongfully Recorded Deeds or Documents related to Loan Modification or Foreclosure Prevention Scams recorded against your real property.

Types of Liens and Deeds that can be recorded on Title:

  • Property Tax Liens
  • IRS Tax Liens
  • Contractor Liens
  • Judgment Liens
  • Mortgage Liens
  • Mechanic Liens
  • Child Support Liens
  • Wrongfully Recorded Real Property Interests
  • Incorrect or Inaccurate Deeds

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