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Business Shield Legal Maintenance Plan

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Don’t let legal issues threaten your business and your peace of mind. Keep your business protected. Katje Law Group offers our clients a select membership in our comprehensive Business Shield Plan. For an affordable monthly maintenance fee, our firm provides ongoing legal services and advice to help our clients maintain their businesses in good standing and allows each individual business client to focus on their day to day operations and profits without the distractions and complexities of dealing with their legal obligations.

Business Shield Plan Benefits

Firm Access

  • We will provide you with two hours every month of consistent and easy attorney access by telephone and e-mail.
  • We also provide an annual, in person meeting with the principal agents of the business to discuss concerns, strategies, and legal questions regarding the daily operations of the business.

Document Revisions, Review, And Service Of Process

  • To be sure your business documents are current, properly coordinated, and legally compliant, a periodic review will be conducted.
  • We will make needed changes and revisions to business documents as required by changes in the law and at our client’s request.
  • Katje Law Group will serve as your registered agent for service of process as required by law.

Meeting Minutes, Periodic Reports And Filings

  • Agendas, notices, and minutes in connection with your annual meeting will be prepared.
  • Periodic reports required by the Secretary of State will be filed.
  • Responses will be made to periodic requests for information from the Secretary of State.

Ownership Transfer And Review

  • Ownership certificates will be prepared as required.
  • Ownership and transfer logs will be created and maintained throughout the term of the Business Shield Plan.
  • Conduct an annual review of titling of your business assets and provide assistance and advice regarding titling or transfer of assets into your business.

Important Reminders And Updates

  • We will provide you with helpful checklists and reminders throughout the year to help you keep track of important dates and legal requirements that affect your business.
  • Periodic legal newsletters and updates will be provided.

Administrative Services

  • A duplicate copy of your business documents will be maintained.
  • Notary Services

Education Events

Educational newsletters and workshops will be provided throughout the year on relevant business issues. Katje Law Group and the Business Shield Plan will give you peace of mind in knowing that your legal needs, questions and concerns will be answered and resolved consistently, effectively, and efficiently through the expertise of our experienced attorneys, allowing you to focus exclusively on the daily operations and continued success of your business.

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