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Can I Qualify For CA’s Rent Relief Program?

  • Published: October 15, 2021
Can I qualify for CA’s Rent Relief Program

California Rent Relief Program

How The Rent Relief Program Works

The state of California has a $5 billion Rent Relief Program that is designed to cover past due rent payments for tenants that suffered from COVID and COVID-19 related hardships. The California rent relief program is currently available to residents in the state who qualify for this assistance from the government. The plan was put in place to help those struggling to pay their rent have the opportunity to get a little relief while they try to get back on their feet. An Orange County tenant lawyer from the Katje Law Group can be extremely helpful in these cases.

What Does It Cover?

It can cover up to 100% of the back rent that a tenant owes to their landlord. An Orange County landlord tenant attorney may be useful to get into the system and start making some efforts towards freeing up this money for the landlord. You see, the landlord is the one who will be paid directly in this situation. This allows the government to help make that landlord whole again, and it helps get everyone a little closer to where they started.

How Do You Qualify? How To Get Started

This program is run by the state government and it is necessary to apply for relief through the state sponsored program. One may do so on their own, or they may use the assistance of an Orange County real estate attorney. If they decide to use an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, they might have better luck getting through the program more quickly. There are a lot of residents looking to get into the system all at the same time right now, so it is a little backed up.

How Your Attorney Can Help Protect Your Rights

There are already plenty of stories emerging of landlords refusing relief payments or taking other actions against tenants that may be in violation of California Landlord Tenant law. It is a good idea to check with a seasoned attorney at this time to see what options are available to you. As it turns out, attorneys can help get the wheels of justice in motion to help you win your case and restore some dignity to your living situation.

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