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Are There Any Protections For Tenants After CA’s Eviction Moratorium Expired?

  • Published: October 1, 2021
Are There Any Protections For Tenants After CA’s Eviction Moratorium Expired

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on everyone’s lives. For many, the pandemic has caused a significant amount of financial strain and many people have struggled to pay the bills. One form of relief that many in the state of California have benefited from was the eviction moratorium, which prevented property owners from evicting tenants. However, this moratorium has ended and many tenants find themselves with significant past due rent bills while facing the risk of eviction. Fortunately, there can still be protections that tenants can have even after the eviction moratorium has expired.

Apply For Rental Assistance

One of the forms of protection you can receive if you have fallen behind on your rental payment is rental assistance. Anyone that has fallen behind and is facing eviction has the right to apply to the state’s Rent Relief Program. This program is designed to pay rent for tenants that were impacted by COVID-19. If you qualify, you could receive support for all rent dating back to April 2020.

Negotiations With Landlord

Another good option to consider is to try and negotiate your past due rent with your landlord. When hiring tenant rights attorney Orange County CA tenants could send a formal notice to their landlord requesting further relief. This notification will need to include a plan for how you intend to pay some past-due rent you owe. If you are able to show good faith payments, your landlord may be willing to forgive some past due amount.

If you are facing eviction due to the end of the eviction moratorium, it would be a good idea for you to get legal support. The Orange County real estate attorneys can provide a range of services that will help you evaluate your options and ensure you are properly represented. When looking for an eviction attorney in Orange County CA, the Katje Law Group can provide all the legal support you need to assist you to receive a fair outcome.

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