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CA Eviction Moratorium Extended: What You Need To Know

  • Published: September 10, 2021
CA Eviction Moratorium Extended

Even though it is good news that many people are getting vaccinated, the pandemic is still a significant issue, even in California. A lot of families were worried that they would be unable to pay rent on time. This created the real threat of eviction. Now, the eviction moratorium has been extended through September 30, 2021. What does this mean for individuals, families, small businesses, and landlords?

What Is The Eviction Moratorium?

The eviction moratorium means that landlords are not able to evict a current resident or tenant due to rent nonpayment through 9/30/21. Even after this time, landlords who would like to evict their residents must show proof that they applied for rental assistance. Then, if they can prove the resident did not qualify for rental assistance or did not complete an application, then the eviction lawsuit can move forward.

Why Was The Eviction Moratorium Extended?

The eviction moratorium was extended because the coronavirus pandemic is still having an adverse impact on the economy. Therefore, there are countless individuals and families who are looking for work, and many have had their income adversely impacted. Furthermore, if residents were thrown onto the street, this has the potential to make a pandemic significantly worse.

How Can An Attorney Help

Even though it is good news that rental relief resources are made available in California, there are countless landlords and residents who are having trouble navigating the system. A real estate attorney can make sure you understand your rights and that you receive the rental relief you deserve. That way, you can minimize your chances of going through an eviction.

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