“Mrs. Katje and her team were very professional and had wonderful communication! They were able to help me resolve my legal needs.”

September Katje and her team were very professional and helpful!

“I had a matter that unfortunately i cannot go into any details about. CLLC was wonderful from start to finish. Professional ,courteous and always there to answer any questions I had. They have an excellent client web portal as well. As an older gentleman I have had several attorneys in my life. So I knew that some were better than others.. Hands down this is a model law group. Which I believe will do an great job for every client that comes to them for help. If they can’t help you they will help guide you to someone who can.”

“I was extremely stressed as someone was trying to take advantage of my elderly father who is going blind and deaf. I was 400 miles away and moved back while unsure how to deal with the matter. I literally called over 20 law firms in the area and more remote areas. As I work in customer service with FedEx I can imagine the kind of nightmare scenarios people who work in law have to deal with. In the end it was a simple consultation by this law firm that reassured me they were the right choice. Everyone I spoke to was extremely polite and attentive to my needs. Almost all of the other law firms I talked to where very short, unwilling to listen, and would even give me incorrect information. It honestly got so bad I legitimately considered selling my house. I am happy to announce things went in the best possible direction and should I have any problems of this nature in the future I will not hesitate to give this firm a call. I will also let my friends and family know about their service.”

In the past year, I’ve had a couple of major tenant/landlord issues. I’ve dealt with Jeff and September who make up a great team. Both understand tenants’ rights and are humane and friendly. Two words that I would never use to describe most attorneys I know. Both are very responsive and professional. Jeff has exceptional analytical and logical reasoning. Jeff uses strategy and thinks your case through for the best outcome possible for his client, especially one under stress.

September Katje researched my case in a timely manner and was able to send me an e-mail answering all my questions. September made sure she gave me all the accurate information I needed to feel comfortable. Her research skills are on point. I liked not having a typical formal attorney letter and an e-mail was so much faster. This law firm is definitely in the 21st Century!

Jeff is the best. He is the first attorney I’ve ever come across in my life that actually tried to save me money and was beyond fair. I hope this law firm maintains their wonderful work ethic as they become more and more successful. By the way, we prevailed in my case.

It was a great experience, after losing all our belongings in a flood my son and I were displaced by our property management. We were left with nothing and CLLC came to the rescue. They are very professional yet friendly and got me a great settlement. Now I am able to rebuild my life. I would recommend them to all my family and friends.

First time having to get legal help and not knowing what to expect, Consumer Litigation Law Center came through expeditiously with my legal issues. A great team, professional, kind and understanding to your situation, I was able to settle out of court with their help. Lets just say I have full confidence and comforting to know that they are on your side. Thank you Team!

Consumer Litigation Law Firm is very good, and we would use them again and we would advise anyone who is having issues with a real estate firm contract to contact Consumer Litigation Law Firm.

Attorney September Katje is wonderful and we are very appreciative of the work she has done for us.

Thank You.

My family encounter some difficulties with a moving company (running a scam). We did not think our belongings would actually be recovered, after speaking with Lina, and Jeff i felt extremely relief and enthusiastic about our options as well as our outlook on the situation. Although miraculously we were able to resolve our issue without litigation. The service and attentiveness provide by Consumer Litigation Law Center was outstanding. They truly invest in their clients and understand how to navigate a tough situation. I would highly recommend!

Attorney September was very professional and did an excellent job of helping us terminate our Real Estate agreement with a very large real estate company.

Thank you