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Anaheim Living Trust Lawyer

Living Trust Lawyer Anaheim, CA

If you are an individual looking to set up a living trust, it’s highly in your best interest to hire an Anaheim, CA living trust lawyer that you can rely on. A living trust is a legal document that places your assets and property into a trust within your lifetime. The trust will then be managed by a trustee of your choosing – most people appoint themselves as the trustee during their lifetime. If you do name yourself as trustee, you want to also name a trustee who will manage your trust for you if you are no longer able to. A living trust has countless benefits for lifelong security, and working with an experienced lawyer, such as one of our lawyers at Katje Law Group, can be crucial to setting up a secure and sound living trust. 

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Why Should You Have A Living Trust?

A living trust ultimately allows you control of your assets. Life is entirely unprecedented, and we don’t know what our future will look like or how long we will actually live. A living trust gives you protection and also the liberty of choosing who handles your assets on your behalf and how they do so. To be more specific with benefits, a trust can allow you estate tax savings if you are married. And if you have any concern that your spouse may mishandle your assets after your death, putting your assets in a trust with a professional trustee will prevent that from happening in any way. Not only does a living trust benefit you and your spouse, but also any of your dependents. Your living trust can hold money for minor children until they reach the age that they can manage the money themselves. Most people prefer to pass along money to their children over a staggered period of time. However, if your child or dependent is unable to responsibly manage money for any reason, you can hold the money in trust for your child’s lifetime and distribute as needed. If you are single and do not have a spouse or any dependents, it’s still beneficial to set up a living trust. Should you become incapacitated, your appointed trustee can continue carrying out your decisions on your behalf. 

What Goes In A Living Trust?

There are many different assets that go into a living trust, and an Anaheim living trust lawyer can help you decide what makes sense to put into your own. There are few hard and fast rules when it comes to this, but it’s important that you are intensely strategic and thoughtful nonetheless, which is why you need an educated lawyer to navigate the process with you. A few of the most common examples of assets in a living trust are real estate, financial accounts, investments, personal property, intellectual property, and life insurance policies. Again, you want to be able to decide with confidence what assets should go into your own living trust, and a lawyer helps you understand all of the angles of how to go about this. 

A living trust provides a steadfast future for you and your loved ones, and you shouldn’t attempt to set one up without legal support. A dedicated Anaheim living trust lawyer will work passionately by your side so that you have the utmost assurance of your financial future plans with your estate. Don’t hesitate to contact our offices at Katje Law Group if you are looking for experienced guidance and support.

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