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Commercial Tenants in the LA County Temporary Eviction Moratorium

What Is the Temporary Eviction Moratorium? The Temporary Eviction Moratorium places a ban on evictions, and commercial tenants are included in this ban. If you are unable to pay your rent due to COVID-19, your landlord may not be able to evict you. The moratorium was effective from March 4, 2020 until June 30, 2021. […]

What Role does the Durable Power of Attorney Play?

What Is a Power of Attorney? The “power of attorney” is a legal document. It gives another person the ability to act as your representative. For example, a general power of attorney would allow another person to run your business, manage your investments or buy and sell property. This document has an expiration date and […]

What are the different types of Trusts available to me?

The Revocable Trust The revocable trust is a very popular trust because the trustor – the person who made the trust – is free to make changes to it. It can also be discarded whenever you don’t believe that the trust is needed anymore. The Irrevocable Trust The irrevocable trust is also a popular trust, […]

What Should Be in My Will?

In California, your last will and testament allows you to decide what happens to your property after you die. Who among your family, friends, and favorite charitable organizations should get the things you have earned during your life? Without a thorough will, your wishes may not actually be carried out upon your passing. But putting […]

How to Avoid Probate Court

When someone passes away, families grieve. That’s unavoidable. But probate court, which can put family members through long and expensive legal proceedings, is entirely avoidable in California. Probate court decides who will inherit your assets. It isn’t the only way to decide who gets what assents after your death, however. If you take the proper […]

What is the Secure Act?

As the rules related to retirement accounts change, there can be both positive and negative impacts felt by those who have savings accounts for after they’ve stopped working. Recently, the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act was passed and it directly impacts important factors related to who is eligible for a retirement […]

Wills – vs – Trusts

When it comes to estate planning, most people often want to understand the difference between wills and trusts. Understanding the difference between the two will help you know which one is best for your estate planning. Katje Law Group, wills and trust attorneys, are some of the best attorneys that can help you get a […]

What should be Included in my Advance Health Care Directive?

As you go through life, it is important that you make plans for your well-being in the event that you are not able to communicate certain decisions on your own. This can differ from person to person as it will require a number of factors to be considered. It is a common misconception that this […]