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Estate Planning Spring Cleaning

Now is the time of year we spring clean our homes. Besides your home, spend a little time this spring reviewing your estate plan to see if it needs a little sprucing up too. Contact the estate planning Anaheim CA Katje Law Group to assist you in making sure everything is up to date. Here […]

Before You Head Out on the Road This Summer, Update Your Estate Plan

Summer and travel time are fast approaching. That means many people will be on the road traveling to their favorite vacation spot. But how many of them will even think about checking their estate plan to make sure everything is up to date and correct? Perhaps you don’t have an estate plan. Now is the […]

Handwritten Wills: Will They Hold Up in Court?

There are general requirements for handwritten wills. As the laws vary from state to state, your handwritten will must be valid in your state. If you live in the southern California area, contact the Anaheim wills and trust attorney Katje Law Group to get the information you need about requirements in your state. The Anaheim […]

How to Navigate an Estate Plan after a Loss in the Family

Have you wondered what you would do if a loved one in your family passed away? If they have left a trust, will or an estate plan, do you know what the next move would be? If you are at a loss and happen to live in Anaheim CA, Orange County, or the southern California […]

Understanding Tenant Protections During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many difficulties for tenants in the United States who are trying to keep up with the rent. They can find some relief in the fact that the government is providing them with protection from eviction. For example, the CDC, or Center for Disease Control and Prevention, issued a nationwide order […]

Your Guide to the Temporary Eviction Moratorium in L.A. County

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the country. Millions of people have fallen gravely ill, hundreds of thousands have died, and many people have lost their jobs and livelihoods. The public health crisis has created an economic crisis that has not been seen in America for decades. If you have lost your job […]

How California Homeowners Need to be Prepared for Natural Disasters

California is familiar with natural disasters. There have been some of the most deadly and destructive wildfires in California history in recent years. Contact the Orange County real estate attorney Katje Law Group to get information on how to protect your finances in the event of a disaster. Climate change and rising sea levels are […]

Do I Have to Tell my Landlord that I Can’t Pay Rent?

Millions of Americans have suffered physical, mental, and economic hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have lost your job and cannot pay your rent, there are legal protections against your eviction. When the Coronavirus spiked in March of last year, the rate of homelessness increased as well. In response to the […]