David White

In the past year, I’ve had a couple of major tenant/landlord issues. I’ve dealt with Jeff and September who make up a great team. Both understand tenants’ rights and are humane and friendly. Two words that I would never use to describe most attorneys I know. Both are very responsive and professional. Jeff has exceptional analytical and logical reasoning. Jeff uses strategy and thinks your case through for the best outcome possible for his client, especially one under stress.

September Katje researched my case in a timely manner and was able to send me an e-mail answering all my questions. September made sure she gave me all the accurate information I needed to feel comfortable. Her research skills are on point. I liked not having a typical formal attorney letter and an e-mail was so much faster. This law firm is definitely in the 21st Century!

Jeff is the best. He is the first attorney I’ve ever come across in my life that actually tried to save me money and was beyond fair. I hope this law firm maintains their wonderful work ethic as they become more and more successful. By the way, we prevailed in my case.

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