“I was extremely stressed as someone was trying to take advantage of my elderly father who is going blind and deaf. I was 400 miles away and moved back while unsure how to deal with the matter. I literally called over 20 law firms in the area and more remote areas. As I work in customer service with FedEx I can imagine the kind of nightmare scenarios people who work in law have to deal with. In the end it was a simple consultation by this law firm that reassured me they were the right choice. Everyone I spoke to was extremely polite and attentive to my needs. Almost all of the other law firms I talked to where very short, unwilling to listen, and would even give me incorrect information. It honestly got so bad I legitimately considered selling my house. I am happy to announce things went in the best possible direction and should I have any problems of this nature in the future I will not hesitate to give this firm a call. I will also let my friends and family know about their service.”

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