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Why You Should Be Using a Personal Finance App

Written by: Amos Faulkner Photo credit:   If you want to improve your financial health, technology can help. A personal finance app installed on your mobile phone can help you gain control of your finances, streamlining oversight and management. However, not all finance apps are created equal. This guide explains the benefits of a […]

Knowing When to Begin the Estate Planning Process

Edited by Joshua Iversen, Certified Financial Planner As difficult as it may be to imagine your life being any different than it is right now, there is a chance that you may not always be able to make legal decisions on your own. That being said, to draw up all the legal documents that specify everything […]

Long-Term Care and You: How to Plan the Rest of Your Golden Years

You’re close to or already retired, and you’re ready to start enjoying the golden years of your life. However, before you book that trip to the Bahamas, you should sit down with your loved ones and start mapping out your future. While you can’t always say exactly what the future has in store, you already […]